Established 1968 - showing in the centre of Australia for more than 45 years

Postal address for entries -

ASKC Secretary
P.O. Box 4482
Alice Springs
NT 0871

Electronic Transfer is available for entry fees.
ASKC - BSB 035303 - Acc #100527

A copy of the electronic transfer is required with the entry form/s.

Any questions or queries in relation to upcoming shows, please contact either -

ASKC President - Mr Bob Whitehead -
0407 713 026 (no calls after 9pm please)
(08) 8953 5351  No Calls after 9.00pm


2010 - Show dates and results.    
March 6th - ASKC 261st Champ Show - Mr David Johnson (SA) Results
March  6th - ASKC 262nd Champ Show - Mr Lance Heilmann (SA) Results
March  7th - ASKC 263rd Champ Show - Jill Hocking (VIC) Results
May 1st  - ASKC 264th Champ Show - Mr Graeme Missen (VIC) Results
May 1st - ASKC 265th Champ Show - Mrs Lorraine Harris (SA) Results
May 2nd - ASKC 266th Champ Show - Mr John Forbes (NSW) Results
May 2nd - ASKC 267th Champ Show - Ms Shaneen Bendixon (QLD) Results
July 2nd - Central Australian Show Society - Ms Colleen Robert (NSW) Results
July 2nd - ASKC 268th Champ Show - Ms Christina Rafton (NSW) Results
July 3rd - ASKC 269th Champ Show - Mrs Pamela Carpenter (QLD) Results
July 3rd - ASKC 270th Champ Show - Mr Raymond Carpenter (QLD) Results
July 4th - ASKC 271st Champ Show - Beulah B Pontin (VIC) Results
July 4th - ASKC 272nd Champ Show - Diana Fenton (NSW) Results
July 9th - Tennant Creek & District Show Society - Mr A Johnson (WA) Results
July 10th - Tennant Creek & District Show Society - Mr David Weil (Qld) Results
Sept 4th - ASKC 273rd Champ Show - Mr Wayne Burton (NSW) Results
Sept 5th - ASKC 274th Champ Show - Mrs Lyn Watson (Vic) Results
Oct 23rd - ASKC 275th Champ Show - Mrs Jean Butterfield (SA) Results
Oct 23rd - ASKC 276th Champ Show - Mrs Dianne Baillie (Vic) Results
2009 - Show dates and schedules.    
March 21st - ASKC 248th Champ Show - Mrs Dianne Besoff (NSW) Results
March 21st - ASKC 249th Champ Show - Mr Ron Besoff (NSW) Results
May 2nd - ASKC 250th Champ Show - Mr Bill Godfrey (SA) Results
May 2nd - ASKC 251st Champ Show - Ms Emma Parker (SA) Results
May 3rd - ASKC 252nd Champ Show - Mr Albert Reading (SA) Results
July 3rd - ASKC 253rd Champ Show
July 3rd - Central Australian Show Society - Mrs Margaret McArdle (WA) Results
July 4th - ASKC 254th Champ Show - Mr William Chambers (QLD) -ring 1 Results
July 4th - ASKC 255th Champ Show - Ms Pauline Suhr (NSW) - ring 2 Results
July 5th - ASKC 256th Champ Show - Mr Andrew Burt (VIC) CASH and SASH Results
July 10th - Tennant Creek and District Show Society - Mrs M Watson (WA) Results
July 11th - Tennant Creek and District Show Society - Mrs P Campbell (WA) Results
Aug 8th - ASKC 257th Champ Show Mrs Anna Lane (VIC) Results
Aug 8th - ASKC 258th Champ Show Mrs S Mashford (VIC) Results
Oct 3rd - ASKC 259th Champ Show Mrs J Horton (VIC) Results
Oct 3rd - ASKC 260th Champ Show Mrs B Balaam (QLD) Results

8th March - Mrs Y Sydenham-Clarke (VIC) Results
9th March - Mrs L Collins (QLD) Results
3rd May - Mrs E Gunter (NSW) Results
4th May - Mr M Gunter (NSW) Results
4th July - CASS - Mr T Pickering (NSW) - Entries Close 16th June Results
5th July (ring 1) - Mr M Winch (QLD) - Entries Close 13th June Results
5th July (ring 2) - Mrs M Cochrane (WA) - Entries Close 13th June Results
6th July  - (ring 1) - Mrs V Spence (QLD) - Entries Close 13th June Results
11th July - (TCDSS) - Mr R Bridgford (Vic) - Entries close 13th June Results
12th July -  (RHKC) - Mrs S Sutherland - Entries Close 21st June Results
30th Aug - Mr J Thompson (VIC) - Entries Close 12th August Results
31st Aug - Mr J Shepherd (NSW) - Entries Close 12th August Results
25th Oct - Mrs Valarie Carter (SA) - Entries Close 11th October 2008 Results
26th Oct - Mrs Van Der Steen (SA) - Entries Close 11th October 2008 Results

3rd March - Mr Hugh Gent (NSW) Results
4th March - Mr John Elston (SA) Results
5th May - Mr John Burgess (Qld) Results
6th May - Mrs Marion Watson(WA) Results
6th July - CASS - Mrs B Stepkovic (NSW) Results
7th July (ring 1) - Mr D Bowie (Vic) Results
7th July (ring 2) - Ms L Watson (Vic) Results
8th July - Mrs Sandra Patterson (NSW) Results
13th July (TCDSS) - Mrs E Gunter (NSW) Results
14th July (RHKC) - Mr M Gunter (NSW) Results
1st Sept - Ms C Camac (Vic) - Results Results
2nd Sept - Mr M Bungey (WA) Results
27th Oct - Mrs J Weston (ACT) Results
28th Oct - Mr W Weston (ACT) Results

4th March - Mr E Soti (SA) results
5th March - Mr J Thompson (Vic) results
29th Apr- Mr E Croad (Qld) results
30th Apr - Mrs J Croad (Qld) results
7th July - CASS - Mrs K Klap (Tas) results
8th July (ring 1) - Dr F McEvoy (SA) results
8th July (ring 2) - Mrs D Patterson (SA) results
9th July - Mrs G Alexander (Vic) results
14th July (TCDSS) - Mr P Jermey (Qld) results
2nd Sept - Mrs J Horton (Vic) Results
3rd Sept - Mrs E Thomas-Howe (NSW) Results
27th Oct - Mr R Lott (SA) Results
28th Oct - Mrs W Slatyer (NSW) Results